December 15, 2014

Web Analytics of Manufacturing Hungary Blog in 2014

We are a small but growing site selection supporting blog, so proudly share our web performance in 2014:

source: Google Analytics

In 2014, Manufacturing Hungary Blog's visitors arrived from 92 countries of the world. Most of our visitors came from the US, Hungary, Germany, the UK and India. Regarding cities, our visitors works 835 cities of the world, and the most visitors arrived from Budapest, London, Toronto, Munich and Sao Paulo. 

Traffic Sources
source: Google Analytics

Till the beginning of December 2014, we have a modest 2,027 sessions across 56 traffic sources. Most relevant resources were the direct access, Google, LinkedIn and SlideShare.

Most Popular Content

The top5 blog posts in 2014 were

Cheers and good luck for 2015!

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