March 14, 2014

Subcontracting opportunities in Eastern European automotive clusters

The output of Central and Eastern Europe's automotive industry reached in 2012 the 59% of German automotive industry, which is higher than France and Italy's performance all together. Robust and growing local clusters open new opportunities for industry players.


Hungarian automotive clusters. source: HITA
Hungary traditionally focuses more on automotive supplier pyramid and less on OEMs. HITA, the Hungarian government economic development agency's Subcontracting Department goals to embed automotive industry deeper in Hungarian economy, and supports the local supply chain developments of OEMs like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Opel, via forums, data bases, direct search and financial tools. The strong (600+ players) local supplier industry is also supported by cluster organizations like AIPA ('Mercedes cluster' in Eastern Hungary) or PANAC (Pannon Automotive Cluster, the 'Audi-Suzuki-Opel' cluster of Western Hungary), far the largest and strongest cluster in Hungary.

Czech Republic

Czech automotive clusters. source: CzechInvest
The leading automotive manufacturing destination in Central and Eastern Europe is represented OEMs like Skoda, Toyota, Hyundai, PSA, Iveco. The governmental investment promotion agency, CzechInvest provides not just overview and contact to key industry players, but a terrific  Automotive Supplier Database, which is used by all the relevant OEMs of Europe.
The leading automotive clusters like Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster also have excellent information services and business network.


Slovakian automotive clusters. source: SARIO
Slovakia is the rising star of European automotive industry. The world #1 producer of cars per capita achieved a 45% growth in 2012 - so probably this time the leading CEE destination is Slovakia, and not the Czech Republic as we wrote earlier. OEMs like VW, KIA, PSA fuel the growth, and the governmental agency, SARIO makes the show go on. AKS, the Automotive Cluster of Western Slovakia is the country leading automotive organization.

Polish automotive clusters. source: PaiZ
Poland is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Europe's #1 busmaker has OEM companies like Volvo, MAN, Scania, Solaris, but also Fiat, VW, Ford and Opel. PaiZ, the governmental agency has excellent sectoral studies. Clusters do not mean organizations in Polish automotive industry, but you can contact municipal economic development organization in Wroclaw (Volvo) and Katowice (Fiat, Opel).

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