October 4, 2013

6 low-cost Hungarian business parks with direct motorway access

Motorways are key assets to manage smooth supply chains. Some Hungarian business parks have excellent link to motorways.

EU motorways system in 2011. Graphics: European Commission

In Hungary, along the Budapest bypass route M0 Motorway, there are a tons of business parks and industrial facilities. However, some business parks in Eastern Hungary provide direct (within 2 kms) motorway access on a much lower cost level.

M35 Business Park
The local government-owned M35 Business Park is located directly at the Hajduboszormeny exit of M35 Motorway. Its offer involves 25k job seekers in 20 kms, a dedicated vice mayor to support investment projects - and last but not least: free of charge industrial plot over 50 new jobs.

The Alsozsolca Industrial Park is located near to the Northeastern city of Miskolc, for 2 kms from the junction of M30 Motorway. The location provides 20% unemployment rate and strong engineering traditions, represented companies like Sanmina Enclosure Systems and the machinery engineering programs of University of Miskolc.

Gyöngyös Industrial Park
The Gyöngyös Industrial Park is located within 2 kms from the exit of M3 Motorway. Budapest is 70 kms only (on M3: 30 minutes), so commuting can be an option for international management. The leading company in the Park is Stanley Electric, and the location offers a good environment for electronics and automotive supplier companies.

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Kecskemét Industrial Park - Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary
At the Southern part of Kecskemét, there is a brand new business park, hosting Daimler's manufacturing site and some top level suppliers. The 400+ hectares site is located between the M5 Motorway, the main routes nr.5 and nr.54 (see the map above). The business park has no website in English, so send your questions to the municipality: international @ kecskemet.hu

Kiskunfélegyházi Ipari Park
The Kiskunfelegyhazi Industrial Park has a real strength: it's located in 15 minutes from Daimler's site, beside the M5 motorway. Plus, it's owned by the local government (open for a price discount for jobs), so it's a strong alternative of Kecskemet. You won't believe, it has no English website, but try to contact them here: http://www.kilp.hu/kapcsolatfelvetel.html

SZILK, Szeged
The Szeged Industrial Park and Logistic Centre is located near to M5 and M43 Motorways. The South-Eastern Hungarian location has a strong connection to Romanian, Serbian and Bulgarian markets, it's on 4th Pan-European corridor linking Dresden to Istambul.

The European vision:
Finally, a 2-minute video about how the European Commission wants to connect the European (road) networks:

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