May 9, 2013

The hardest working nations of OECD countries

You may think Germans and Americans are hard working people. What a mistake.

publication of OECD, the organization of most developed economies provides information about the average annual working time in hours per workers, in 2011.

Darker colour means more annual working hour per workers, in 2011.
Graphics: Manufacturing Hungary Blog

The hardest working OECD nations are 1. Mexico, 2. South Korea and 3. Chile, working +26%, +23% and +15% more than an average worker in the United States.

The surprise comes when we look at the European OECD nations. German is the 2nd least working nation in Europe (only the Dutch work less than Germans). Greeks, Hungarians and the Polish are the hardest working nations of Europe, working +44%, +40% and +37% more than an average German workers.

Finally, the former world recorder Japanese workers work less than an average US worker and much less than an average Eastern European worker.

The original spreadsheet:

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